Customer Service


All products have a 1 year warranty against manufacturing faults.

Many of the mattresses we supply have longer declining warranties or guarantees against manufacturing faults, please ask a member of staff for details when purchasing.

With a new mattress, it is advisable to purchase a new base to accompany it. However if your base is solid (hard top with no dips) or slatted, this is usually adequate.


Marked or Soiled Mattresses

If your mattress is badly marked or soiled in any way, this will void your guarantee. A suitable mattress protector is essential to keep your guarantee.

Unsuitable Base

If your new mattress is placed on an existing sprung base or a base that the mattress is not specifically designed for, this may affect your new mattress.

This would not be classed as a manufacturing fault as the base is more than likely to have caused the issue.


Bending or Folding

Bending a mattress where the bending angle is more than 45 degrees may cause damage to the spring unit of fillings.


Jumping on any bed will cause weaknesses and may cause a fault. This is not classed as a manufacturing fault.


New mattresses require time to settle. On most mattresses you will notice a slight outline of where you have been laying from the very first use, this is completely normal and is not a manufacturing fault. By turning and rotating your mattress regularly. the mattress will settle and recover more evenly.

New Smell

It is perfectly normal for a new mattress/bed to have a new smell. This smell is completely harmless and will fade with time and regular airing. The smell can be stronger in different products. This is not a fault with the product. 


In the unlikely event you suspect a manufacturing fault, please contact us quoting your invoice number and purchase date. We require this information, so please ensure you have it to hand before contacting us.

We will then make an arrangement to inspect the goods at our earliest opportunity. Once we have inspected and taken photos, if a replacement or repair is required we will take the necessary action.

We always make repairs or replacements in a fast and fair way as required by the Sale of Goods Act or The Consumer Rights Act 2015 (If purchased after 01/10/15).

We are happy for the customer to send us photos as this can often help us and save time in making a visit to inspect. We would require pictures of the label, the complete surface of the mattress and the manufacturing fault.