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At Sound Sleep Beds we offer a wide selection of ottoman divan bases made by many different manufacturers.

Our superior ottoman has a higher quality finish and is supplied with 800n gas struts as standard. Allowing unto 60kg per half of storage! On all sizes 4'0 and above, each base has 4 gas struts to ensure a nice easy opening and the ultimate safety feature when closing! These gas struts ensure that the ottoman base will never crash down, which reduces the chance of injury to yourself, children and even pets!

The superior ottoman also comes in a range of 20 different fabrics, including velvet feel, wool and luxurious plush fabrics in a range of different colours. You can also add a matching headboard available in a full 54" floor standing or 26" on traditional struts.

Our ottoman base is fully beech lined with a slatted underside bottom to ensure ultimate strength.

We don't sell a cheap low quality divan base as these are false economy due to the poor quality materials used to keep the prices low.

We would recommend storing approximately 40-60kg of evenly spread weight in each half (4'0+ size bases). The gas struts are 800n struts and make light work of lifting up the mattress and are strong so the lid doesn't crash down. We would advise popping in to store to select your colour, style and headboard.

These bases can be used with any mattress, though we would normally recommend buying a mattress and base together,

Why would we recommend these over a bedstead style ottoman base?

Our ottoman bases have a base and a solid top to them, so all your belongings inside are fully protected from dust. Bedsteads have slatted tops, so dust can go through on to your belongings. The solid base also means you can move the base without having to empty it! Many bedstead styles have a sheet in the bottom, so your items are on the bedroom floor!

Our divan ottomans also feature 4 gas struts (4'0+) which stops the lid crashing down. Some bedstead style bases fall with the slightest push and anything or anyone that is in its path will feel the weight of a mattress and base crashing down on them. They may also feature a leg in the middle, meaning there are areas you cannot put things as the leg is required for support. We do not stock these cheaper style ottoman bases. We do stock a collection of UK made ottoman bed frames which are available to view in store and on our website, these do have a slatted base but have a floor inside and the strength and quality is very impressive.

These bases can be used with any mattress, though we would normally recommend buying a mattress and base together. Matching headboards available to add.

Sound Sleep Beds offer free delivery across most of Norfolk.